My topic for this infographic is ‘How to do etching’. I chose the topic because it has clear step by step of how to do the process (which answer the brief question à “How does it work?”). My intended communication objective is to provide the viewers with visual information about how to do etching. I illustrate the process visually by displaying the tools that are needed and images that accompany the step by step instructions.

I choose the portrait layout so the information can be read from top to bottom with all the tools needed displayed on the work table on the top part of the infographic and the instructions are below it. As etching is a part of print making work, I try to recreate the art studio feeling by putting the work table and the ceiling lamp. I also use the textured paper effect as the background (making the background looks like the paper for etching)

The use of hand writing font style is to give the infographic a laid back feel and it can also be seen as the artist’s scribble notes about etching process. For the instruction paragraph I use a sans-serif typeface font for easy readability purpose.

Pen tool is my main tool for doing this infographic. I found the pen tool practice we did at class is really helpful for me. Pen tool can be hard to use at the beginning, but with lots of practice I can get familiar with pen tool and I believe I have done a good job at it. Besides pen tool I also use shape tool, effects, and playing with pathfinder and opacity as well.

I find that typography does not have to be overdone. The typography should not overpower the content of the infographic that’s why I choose a simple and neat font for my title. Choosing the right font, placement, kerning, etc is an important thing as it has to be suited to the theme of my infographic.

During the process of making my infographic I looked at different kind of infographic for inspiration. I found that composition and the use of white space can make a big difference on the outcome. For my infographic I try to leave some white space and placing the icons and the words in a way that looks dynamic.



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All images used are my own photographs. Other images that not used photographs as reference are all made on Adobe Illustrator by myself.