Poverty in Indonesia

Muted Music

The poor are benefiting relatively little from Indonesia’s growth.


“JALANAN”, a documentary by a Canadian director, Daniel Ziv, tells the stories of three buskers who play music for small change on clapped-out buses in Jakarta, Indonesia’s sprawling capital. One of them, Boni, lives in a sewer that runs beneath one of the city’s swankiest shopping malls. The film, which recently opened in Jakarta, is a poignant reminder of the glaring gap between rich and poor in South-East Asia’s largest economy.” Read more here.

source: The Economist, 3 May 2014     photo: Daniel Ziv

I chose this article because I am bewildered and annoyed by the fact that even though Indonesia is South-East Asia’s largest economy and their general living standards have rapidly improved, the gap between the rich and the poor is also increasing.

I have seen with my own eyes the horrible conditions the poor are living in. They live under the bridge, in a sewer, near train tracks and a lot of them are living on landfills. You can see other related articles here and here.

There might be little that I can do to directly help them and for now I can only show pictures of them (which is ironic). But what I can do is to raise awareness that these people do exist in real life, they are not just pictures decorating the newspapers and magazines.


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