Communication Objectives

Jalanan Documentary and this article are the primary inspirations of this project.

The image is made to raise awareness of the huge gap between the rich and the poor in Indonesia.  The image will show that there are people living under the line of poverty as the result of inflation and uneven economic growth Jakarta.

Education might not always safe those people because of the circumstances in the country that make them “doomed” since the beginning if they are poor.  It is hard even though they have the skills and intelligence to grow even further. Therefore, they have no choice to resort to begging on the streets, become buskers or street peddlers to live another day (keep in mind that in Indonesia these kind of activities are not always controlled or legal). Despite their conditions they are not giving up on their life, they are standing strong to make their life better.

The image will also show that these people are humans. They have hopes and dreams.

I will use juxtaposition to contrast the difference between the rich and the poor. The rich will be at the top part and the poor will be at the bottom part (to show that most of the time poor people are being look down).


One thought on “Communication Objectives

  1. I think this article is a really good idea to use for this assignment and has a strong meaning which must effect so many living in Indonesia today. I think it is important to explain how you would like to achieve and display these images visually as your Communication Objectives does not fully explain this. 🙂


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