Colour is an important aspect in visual communication. I think it is the first think that people notice when they are looking at a picture (at least for me, when I scroll through a bunch of pictures on the internet, I most likely will click on the ones with the colour scheme that I like).

Basic element of colour

Hue → ex: red, blue, yellow

Brightness → how light or dark

Saturation → intense or dull

Communicate with colour and colour mood

We can colour to communicate our intention. If we want people to feel relaxed we use soft colour like blue or green, if we want to be aggressive we can use red and so on.

For my project I will use earth tone as my main colour because I think it looks similar to the colour schemes of living condition of my subject.


p125726354-3 3150664698_d0116bf280


What You Need to Know about Color: The 10 Commandments of Color Theory


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