My current Photoshop progress



3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. You have made great progress with your image so far, can’t wait to see the final image. I really like how you are composing so many different source photos together as I think they will look very striking all in one frame. I think your image would benefit from thinking about the direction the light is coming from and the use of shadows to make it look more realistic and to make the images look like they all belong together in one scene. Also if you worked on more closely cutting out the edges of the figures, but I’m sure you were planning on doing this once you had placed all the images together. Overall great work so far 🙂 godlike.


  2. Hi Stefani, I like the progress you have made so far! I like the composition of your image so far and that everything is being placed with in the rule of thirds. What I could suggest for room of improvement would be maybe try using a different coloured background, anything other than black (unless this is intended to convey a mood) so that it would bring out the images of both girls. Also maybe try using photoshop to cut closer to the image of the girl standing as it is visible against a black background, however it is just a rough copy, but all in all it is looking quite good 🙂


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