My image is about the gap between the rich and the poor. In the world where money has big impact on society, people who have a lot of money are seen as the upper class and people without belongs to the low class. Thus, I chose to use vertical juxtaposition to contrast the difference between the rich and the poor. The top part is a nice and clean dining place and the bottom part is the inside of a tunnel where the poor are living.

I made the top part brighter than the bottom part to give the image the ‘feel-good vibe’ and the bottom part darker to give the dark and grim atmosphere. The bright part can also symbolises that people who ‘belong’ to that upper part of economic and social class can have more opportunities to grow (education, career, lifestyle, etc ) than people who ‘belong’ to the bottom part. The brightness can also be seen as a symbol of ‘fate’ that people in the upper part of the society most likely will have a bright future. As opposed to the top part, the bottom part has the dark and grim atmosphere which refer to the living condition that the majority of those who live under the line of poverty have. The darkness symbolises the dark ‘fate’ and future for them because even though those people have the skills and will to grow, they are suppressed by the condition in the world they are living in right now that prevent them to have opportunities to leave the poverty line.

I used the article from The Economist “The poor are benefiting relatively little from Indonesia’s growth” as a reference to make this image. Even though Indonesia is South-East Asia’s largest economy and their general living standards have rapidly improved, the huge economy gap is growing as well.  The article use ‘Jalanan’ documentary about three buskers (one of them live in a sewer beneath one of the city’s shopping malls)  in Indonesia who hop on and off buses to make a living as an example of the gap. The article also pointed out that the government spending is still skewed towards the rich, hence the condition of the poor is still the same (if not worse).

My Communication Objectives is to raise the awareness that huge economic gap still exist in a lot of countries and the reason why the gap is keep widening is not because the poor are lazy people who do not want to improve their living condition but because there is no opportunity for them to get out of the poverty line. That’s why in my image I use vertical juxtaposition to signify the contrast between the rich and the poor.

The concept of my image is that the poor are parodying the luxurious restaurant. They are making fun of the huge expenses on building the expensive shopping malls and luxurious restaurant but there is little money spent to improve infrastructure, health, and social welfare that can benefits the poor.Example, there is a live music (the girl with the ukulele) and the chef pampered the guest (the boy in black jacket holding the food with a plastic bag as a makeshift chef hat), and the chandelier (plastic cups arranged in a similar shape as chandelier on top of the girl with the ukulele),

I mostly use ‘Mask’ as my main technique of editing because I need to combine different parts from my source images. Layers position, layer style, and opacity are also important. I try to position the objects in proportion to make a balanced composition for my image. I left space around the people as room to breathe so the space is not too crowded. I also use different lighting and colour to give the proper atmosphere for each part of my image.