Infographic Design

To make a good infographic there are do’s and dont’s of making infographic.


1. Show, don’t tell. 

Too much words can make the infographic looks cluttered if they are not positioned carefully. It is best to show visual information to the viewers.

2. No basic graphic charts

Because the chart itself have to able to attract people attention.

3. Typography should not be overdone

You can make infographic without relying too much on typography. Typography can be a great way to make catchy titles but it should not distract viewers from the informations on the infographic.




I’ve been looking on google images and other websites about printmaking and art studio pictures to help me get immersed in the ‘printmaking process feeling’ so I can show the appropriate feeling for my infographic.

Art-Studio-Design-by-Fernlund-logan-Architects-Image-2 inspiring-artist-home-studio-designs-9 morning-at-mixit-print-studio-pp printstudio2-pano


Typography – choosing the right font


Choosing the right font is also part of typography. First, we need to know which font looks best on paper or on screen. Second, can you read the text/information with the chosen font. Third, who will see the font can determine which font you should choose. Fourth, look carefully whether the font looks right or not. If able to print, it is better to see how the font looks like when printed. And the final one, choosing font for typography is subjective. Sharing and discussing your works with other people can benefits us well because they can give some feedback to us.

This is a really good article I found online about how to choose the right font for typography. It gives me on which things to consider when choosing the font for my infographic.


Pen Tool

I find pen tool is hard to use the first time I use it. But after a while it is a fun tool to use when I have a grasp of it. You can trace the image that you want using pen tool. It definitely need patience but if you do it well the image turns out just fine.

I search pen tool tutorial online for tips and trick to get better at using pen tool. There are heaps of them on the internet and they really help me to do this project.

In class I also did pen tool practice and it is really fun and helpful. We can make illustration of coffee cup and other things we want.