Infographic Design

To make a good infographic there are do’s and dont’s of making infographic.


1. Show, don’t tell. 

Too much words can make the infographic looks cluttered if they are not positioned carefully. It is best to show visual information to the viewers.

2. No basic graphic charts

Because the chart itself have to able to attract people attention.

3. Typography should not be overdone

You can make infographic without relying too much on typography. Typography can be a great way to make catchy titles but it should not distract viewers from the informations on the infographic.




I’ve been looking on google images and other websites about printmaking and art studio pictures to help me get immersed in the ‘printmaking process feeling’ so I can show the appropriate feeling for my infographic.

Art-Studio-Design-by-Fernlund-logan-Architects-Image-2 inspiring-artist-home-studio-designs-9 morning-at-mixit-print-studio-pp printstudio2-pano